From a Brilliant Writer

Thank you, 23 is such a confusing age. Friends graduating, bills piling, and thoughts of uncertainty in the air. Not once in school can I recall being debriefed on the real world. So young and full of imagination you feel invincible. Words of woes in one ear and out the other... hesitant to heed the warnings of elders, despite the "l've been there before” line. We continue to think, that's not me it can’t happen to me. Then we wake up to a harsh reality, mine was in a jail cell. It was like any other Saturday, payday, friends, a bar, and always a good time. Everything was perfect. I had no worries or complaints. My summer was amazing and tonight was just a continuation of the party that started in April. 1, 2, 3 a sip of this, some of that sure I'll have another and in between I lost count but who cares, whose keeping track? Not me any more at least, I have that feeling. The one I was chasing after all night. Was it happy? I think. Was it fun? I think. Was it careless? I think. What was it really, that I was trying to fill? Some void? I really don't know, and to this day I am still trying to figure it out but that night it was fun. Time to go, Goodbye to the room full of all my new best friends whose faces I wouldn't remember. High fives, jokes, laughs, and escapes all exchanged under one roof. Walked them to the car, drove to mine, and pulled out the key. Unlocked my door, got in and started the engine. What was about to happen the next five minutes would turn my world upside down. Outside of a donut shop a gentleman signaled me to pull over. Seeing red lights in your mirror is never a welcomed sight. Outside the donut shop I stood on one foot, impressed bystanders with my ability to touch my nose with my finger I even flaunted my education background by estimating 30 seconds in my head. I thought I did a good job, honesty never steered me wrong. Then came the handcuffs. Cold holding area, a needle in my arm from a complete stranger, flash photography of my good sides, ink on my hands, held behind my back, iron bars, wait what is this? I'm invincible, that won't happen to me, words of woes coming back, why I didn’t listen. 11am Sunday, my usual church service just got out. My iron cage slid open; I was given back my shoes but not my dignity. A bag with my stuff and shown the way out... what just happened? I was served a reality check too big to cash. At that very moment I sat outside the police department. Not sure of what I had become. The world as I knew it slipped out of my hands, the feelings from the night before were replaced with shame. I had fallen into a black pit. You were that ray of light that first shines through a dark forest. I don't know how to thank you enough for being that reaching hand. Thank you Vince, you were a godsend that helped me put the pieces back together. Although the days have slipped by there has not been a single one were my gratitude slipped by. I don’t know how to ever repay you for what you did, or why you did what you did, but I want to thank you. With you there to lend a hand I was able to get ahead. So I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. As the years go by I will look back and kindly remember you.

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