Case Results

People v. Ardis Herd - Metropolitan Courthouse - Downtown Los Angeles - PAS .18/.18 with a .18/.19 ECIR II - Commercial Truck Driver

February 2017

Courthouse:   Metropolitan

Breath test Readings:  .18/.18 PAS and .18./.19 EC IR II

Prosecutor:   LA City Attorney's Office

Length of trial:  11 Days

Verdict:  NOT GUILTY!!!!!

 On April 24, 2016, our client, a commercial truck driver, was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol Central Division office for weaving within the lane and eventually outside the lane almost striking the oncoming CHP cruiser at 1:40 in the morning.  The officer radioed for another unit to conduct a DUI investigation.  Another unit arrived, conducted a DUI investigation and arrested my client after he blew into a portable breath testing device which had two readings of .18% and .18%.   He was then taken to the station to conduct an evidential breath test on an EC-IR II machine which gave readings of .18% and .19%.  We went to trial against the nation's top DUI prosecutor who has done over 255 DUI jury trials.  We obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict after 11 days of trial.  We saved our client's career and life.  We fought everyday like we were on trial.  We hate to lose.  At the end of the trial my client said something to me that I will never forget...."Vincent, you fought harder for me than my mother or my father"   I was blown away.  That is why we do what we do and every case matters.  If that is the type of warrior you want then contact us now at 949-872-2700.

Practice area(s): DUI / DWI


Vincent John . Tucci

Vincent Tucci is the immediate past President of the California DUI Lawyers Association - a statewide organization of attorneys representing individuals accused of DUI. Vincent Tucci is the co-chair of the DUI Committee for the...

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