I chose Vince, it was the right choice.

In 2013, I made a poor decision and got a DUI. Like most people in that situation i was upset, scared and was not sure what to do. I of course started searching the internet for answers & help. I had some friends in Law Inforcement and of course asked for their opinions & advice. One of my good friends was a former Assistant District Attorney for Orange Country. I asked is he could recommend any attorneys to help with my situation, based on his expertise and experience. It was a short list (Vincent Tucci was on it!) and I was happy to get it from him. I will admit I did interview or contact other attorneys before my appointment with Vince. I was still unsure of who I wanted to choose to help defend me. I should mention I am very experienced in interviewing people for jobs at this point in my life and I would observe them and pay attention to everything. from the way I was treated and treated with the staff, and how they greeted me and treated me considering good my situation. I should remind that all were DUI specialists and that it was a short list of the best. To jump ahead, I'll skip the rest, they were nice but, I wasn't sold on choosing them to help me and paying them what to me, was a lot of money. Vince's staff was great to me from the get go. I called all nervous, etc to make the appointment. They really got me at ease right away and assured me how they would help me. I met with Vince and I knew pretty quickly I think this was my guy. I had to go home and decide quickly because money was an issue for me at this time. Jump to the chase, I chose Vincent Tucci as my attorney for my DUI defense. I must explain now, that every DUI case is different and every outcome may vary based on the facts of the case. I really felt that Vince and his staff actually cared about me as a client. Every single phone call, VM or email put me at ease & explained every step to me. I should explain that with my particular circumstances, my job or career was in jeapordy. So I was basically a stress case throughout my process. I did not have this offense on the job, but due to my particular Professional driving recruitments, I was not allowed this offense on my personal record as well. Basically, I got my DUI off the clock on,my personal time with my own vehicle, but due to my special endorsements & certificates, it didnt matter. Unlike other client endorsements, I didn't actually get to win my case. I lost my endorsements & certificates ,which in turn lost me my driving job & career that I had for 14 years. I made a poor decision to drive one night on the way home form work and trust me, I paid the price. What I want you to know, is how Vince and his staff got me thought what was my nightmare. Every question, by email, phone call etc was handled with care. Every detail and step of the process was explained to me. They really held my hand all the way through my situation. I didn't hurt anyone, I didn't crash my vehicle or anything. I just drove when I shouldn't have. But due to my job requirements, that wasnt allowed. I'll never forget Vince telling me when it as time in my case to plead or settle. I wont forget, I was in the car with my mother & had to break the news to her. Vince was so caring in his handling of me at this time. I really feel he understood me and I appreciated his honesty.He was always up front with me about details, never telling me things just to make me happy. Cut to the court date & Vince finalizing my DUI case. I was there in my suit(the only one), with all the weird os and kooks in the court room. Vince greeted me before entering, to explain what would happen, settle my nerves and support me. Vince led me through it all with the Judge, and my taking my judgement like a man. My point of my long winded review is that, I feel no ill will and I am a happy client. I am happy in my choice of defense attorney, it made all the difference to me. I feel more like friends to this day. He & his staff helped me through an incredibly difficult time in my life. I think this is important to understand. Even when your case may not go your way, I want to assure you that this is the guy you want in your corner! I recommend him to anyone if this subject ever comes up. I know for me, I would not have ever gotten through my DUI experience as well, without the help of Vince & his staff. Trust me, you don't want to wast time & money. Call Vincent Tucci!!

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