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Being arrested for a Cypress DUI can be a devastating experience. It can get worse if you hire an attorney who doesn't focus on DUI. 100% of our practice is handling DUI cases both in court and at the DMV. If you were arrested in the City of Cypress then the Cypress Police Department was the arresting agency. You were pulled over, questioned, ask to provide some documents, field sobriety tested, possibly breath tested by a handheld breath device and then arrested where they placed the handcuffs on you.

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You should have been advised by California DUI law that you had a choice of chemical tests upon your DUI arrest between a chemical sample of either your breath or your blood. In Cypress, if you choose a blood sample then California Forensic Phlebotomy, Inc. is the contract agency with the City of Cypress that is called to withdraw a sample of your blood. The arresting officerwill snatch your California driver's license and is required to issue you a pink temporary license which will be valid for thirty days following your arrest unless you have an out of state driver's license which they do not have the authority to obtain. If you contact us within 10 days of your arrest we can immediately stop the suspension that will go into effect thirty days later.

BUT YOU ONLY HAVE 10 CALENDAR DAYS - it is not court or business days. Contact us right now to discuss your case. We can be reached at (949) 872-2700. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss the merits of your DUI case.

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Orange Driver Safety Office

790 The City Drive, Suite 420, 92868-4941

Phone (714) 703-2511

Fax (714) 703-2526

Before you hire an attorney to represent you in your DUI case, please click here to see what the Director of the DMV says about Vincent John Tucci.

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City of Cypress

Cypress Police Department

West Justice Center
Limited Jurisdiction filings for a Cypress DUI, Fountain Valley DUI, Garden Grove DUI, Huntington Beach DUI, Los Alamitos DUI, Rossmoor DUI, Seal Beach DUI, Stanton DUI, Sunset Beach DUI, Surfside DUI and Westminster DUI
West Justice Center:
8141 13th Street, Westminster,
California 92683-4593
Telephone: (714) 896-1111
Website: Orange County Superior Court
Civil & Small Claims:
Civil Information: (714) 896-7406
Small Claims: (714) 896-7406
Criminal Operations:
Criminal Division: (714) 896-7351
Facsimile: (714) 896-7219
Telephonic Arraignments: (714) 896-7351
Traffic Division: (714) 896-7351
Detention Release Officer:
Telephone: (714) 773-4514
Jury Services:
Telephone: (714) 896-7114
Alcohol Liaison:
Telephone: (714) 896-7318
Courthouse Location: 1st Floor
District Attorney:
8141 13th Street
Westminster, California 92683-4593
Telephone: (714) 896-7261
Facsimile: (714) 896-7236
Website: Orange County District Attorney
Sheriff's Court Operations:
Telephone: (714) 896-7231
Website: Sheriff's Court Operations
Orange County Probation:
Telephone: (714) 896-7108
Website: Orange County Probation
Public Defender:
Telephone: (714) 896-7281
Website: Public Defender
Victim Witness Assistance:
Telephone: (714) 896-7188
Website: guide/victim.htm Victim Witness Assistance
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